Welcome to the little world of Tugging Rituals and Games in the box!

The ICHCAP Culture-Full Box Banner Image © ICHCAP

The International Information and Networking Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Asia-Pacific Region under the auspices of UNESCO (hereinafter ICHCAP) made ‘ICHCAP Culture-Full Box’ last year to share information, to help understanding of various cultures and establish the foundation of Intangible Cultural Heritage education for future generations with the representative ICH in East Asia, Tugging Rituals and Games.

The ICHCAP Culture-Full Box was sponsored by the province of Chungcheongnam-do and Dangjin-si also created with the cooperation of the Gijisi Juldarigi Museum. This box will be utilized for education and hands-on activities in national museums, preservation society and the communities of four countries (Republic of Korea, Cambodia, Philippines, and Viet Nam) jointly inscribed “tugging rituals and games” on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The ICHCAP Culture-Full Box was designed for 4th to 6th graders in elementary school or children of similar ages to help them to understand cultural diversity by seeing, listening, writing and drawing using the learning materials as well as to grow into responsible global citizens. Tugging rituals and games are, above all, about community and teamwork. It is our hope that children living in today’s competitive society will find comfort and strength in the fact that tugging rituals and games do not focus on winning or losing, but on the shared experience of all community members.

Picture of ICHCAP Culture-Full Box © ICHCAP

The ICHCAP Culture-Full Box of tugging rituals and games contains the following: a learning material package including a variety of tangible materials and activity sheets designed for experience-based learning of the relevant cultures in the Republic of Korea, Cambodia, the Philippines and Viet Nam, along with a tablet PC and a USB drive with videos and pictures related to tugging rituals and games.

The box also contains information cards for the tangible materials. In addition, ICHCAP have prepared a lesson plan for teachers who will utilize the ICHCAP Culture-Full Box for their classes. ICHCAP is planning to operate ICHCAP Culture-Full Box in various ways, including institutional rental service and on-site experience in the exhibitions. For further information about the ICHCAP Culture-Full Box, please reach to the contact here (+82 (0)63 230 9745, hyeonju.song@unesco-ichcap.org, Office of Cooperation and Networking).