UNESCO MOOC Now Available in French and Spanish


6 February 2023

How is intangible cultural heritage—or living heritage—related to sustainable development? How is it relevant for addressing today’s development challenges in areas such as health, education, gender, natural disasters, and conflict? If you are interested in finding out the answers, check out UNESCO’s innovative MOOC on living heritage and sustainable development.

The course, which was released last year, is now available in French and Spanish. It will allow you to gain a better understanding of intangible cultural heritage and its relationships with sustainable development through practical examples and experiences. Whether you are new to the concept of intangible cultural heritage, a student interested in the key concepts and practices of sustainability and global issues, a key actor in the sustainable development field, or a practitioner or professional engaged in living heritage safeguarding, this course is for you.

The six-week course is self-paced and free for everybody to enroll. Join the course now and further dive into living heritage and sustainable development through our interactive platform.