The 17th Issue of the International Journal of Intangible Heritage Published

The International Journal published the 17th issue of ICH ©National Folk Museum of Korea

The 17th issue of the International Journal of Intangible Heritage, an English academic journal, was published on July 15th. This journal has been published by the National Folk Museum of Korea since 2006 with the support of the ICOM (International Museum Council) as a platform for communication to promote understanding of ICH and for related research and exchange.

35 papers were submitted from 17 countries in this 17th issue. After the first review by the editorial board, the second review was conducted by three related experts. And finally, 14 papers from 10 countries were published after the final review. The review was conducted in accordance with the publication regulations jointly agreed with ICOM last year (2021). Although the screening period took longer than before, a further improved journal can be expected by strengthened expertise and fairness of the screening than before. ICOM, a non-governmental international organization operated by membership, establishes standard norms for museum activities, raises public cultural awareness through global networks and mutual cooperative programs, and also delivers the voices of museum experts around the world. ICOM was founded in Paris in 1946 and held its first General Assembly in Mexico in 1947.

As of July 15, 2022, 44,686 experts from 138 countries are active as members, and there are ICOM national committees in 118 countries. Therefore, ICOM is recognized as the only global organization in the field of museums and has a high status as it represents museums around the world. In 2022, the 26th General Assembly will be held from August 20-28, 2022, under the theme of ‘The Power of Museums’ in Prague, Czech Republic. The National Folk Museum of Korea has been attending regular meetings and general meetings to report and promote the publication of ‘International Journal of Intangible Heritage’, and is scheduled to attend the Prague General Assembly in the Czech Republic.