Tehran ICH Centre, an Open Call for Papers for Their ICH Journal, Miras-e Iran Zamin

The Regional Research Center for Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage in West and Central Asia under the auspices of UNESCO, also frequently called the Tehran ICH Centre, is curating a new intangible cultural heritage (ICH) journal called Miras-e Iran Zamin to promote and implement the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (2003 Convention); strengthen cooperation in the region; and coordinate scientific and technical studies aimed at developing, managing, and evaluating ICH in the region.

Safeguarding ICH means to provide the necessary grounding to promote it and make it possible to transmit from one generation to another. Accordingly, identifying, documenting, researching, and promoting ICH can be regarded as safeguarding measures. In this light, raising awareness and building capacity in relation to the meaning, status, and functions of ICH are the key actions.

In this context, the Tehran ICH Centre’s Miras-e Iran Zamin welcomes submissions from specialists, experts, and enthusiasts in the ICH field.

Articles must be compatible with general meaning of ICH in the 2003 Convention. The articles’ subjects should exclusively be about ICH in the geographical domain of the center—namely, West and Central Asia, that is Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Oman, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Yemen.

Abstracts must be in Persian or English or both and be no more than 300 words and have at least five keywords. The completed article should be a maximum of fifteen pages in Microsoft Word format with numbered pages. Submissions should be sent to the Tehran ICH Centre via email: journal@tichct.ir. When the center receives enough articles, the journal will be published online as .pdf files, and all articles will be available in English, French, and Persian. For any further inquiries and information please visit the center’s websiteSee original post.

Provided by : Tehran ICH Cetre