Teachers possess the power to make their classes more engaging than ever – Join a new initiative for Living Heritage and Education by UNESCO!

‘Bringing Living Heritage to the Classroom in Asia-Pacific’ Online Seminars Promotional Banner © UNESCO Bangkok Office

Are you a teacher looking to make the most of your local cultures in the classroom? If so, this is your chance to collaborate with UNESCO in our initiative about Living Heritage and Education!

UNESCO is inviting teachers from across the Asia-Pacific region to take up this three-step challenge! Participate in our online course ‘Bringing Living Heritage to the Classroom in Asia-Pacific’, join our webinar to consult with UNESCO experts, and create lesson plans for your own schools. Get a certificate in every step of this challenge! Up to 3 certificates in total!

These activities will help the teachers build innovative lesson plans that use traditional wisdoms, craftsmanship, festivals and rituals in local communities as tools and materials for quality.

So, what do we ask you to do?

STEP 1: Take this online course (available only in English) now, and complete it before 28 September: https://bit.ly/GCEDclassICH
  • You will receive a Certificate of Completion upon finishing the course.
  • The course is only available in English.
  • You can also use this NEW ARRIVAL resource kit in learning this great methodology:

STEP 2: Join the three-hour online seminar ‘Bringing Living Heritage to the Classroom in Asia-Pacific’ on Thursday 1 December 2022 via Zoom.
  • Please register for the webinar before joining, by 28 November 2022, at
  • You will receive a Certificate of Participation from UNESCO for attending the online

STEP 3: Develop a lesson plan using your knowledge from the online course to integrate Living Heritage in your country to your classroom subject.
 • Submit the lesson plan to UNESCO by 31 December 2022 by filling this online form

 • You will receive a silk-framed Certificate of Achievement from UNESCO after the
    experts have reviewed your lesson plans and given their comments for improvement.

 • You can also use this NEW ARRIVAL resource kit to find great examples of
    methodology: https://bit.ly/LivingHeritageAP-kit

See? You will get so much from working with UNESCO on this. So why not? Take the course and sign up for a seminar now! Hope you see you and work together for better teaching and better culture for everyone!

You can learn about this project before joining the challenge by watching this introductory animation series, ‘Teaching and Learning with Intangible Cultural Heritage in Asia and the Pacific’:
 • English
 • Russian
 • Korean