Webinar and Online Strategic Meeting on Silk Roads ICH Network to be Held 18 and 19 November

Along the Silk Roads © Shutterstock/Hasachai

This year on 18 and 19 November, ICHCAP and IICAS will hold a webinar and an online strategic meeting, including a working meeting for Silk Roads ICH networks. The primary purposes of the first day are to hold a webinar under the topic of “Life, Environment, and ICH along the Silk Roads” and to explore the topics below.

  • Humanity, Environment, and Silk Roads
  • Exploring the Silk Roads ICH Network towards Sustainable Development/li>
  • Viability and sustainability of ICH Festivals along the Silk Roads
  • On Artistic Performances to Wish for Co-existence of Humanity and Nature
Festival along the Silk Roads © Shutterstock/soniaSmith

In addition, the strategic meeting will be composed of a series of case studies covering myriad topics, including the role of festivals for ICH safeguarding within communities and examine the economic benefits some festivals can have for the communities hosting the festivals. During the meeting, we will also include a reflection on the activities in relation to the future Silk Roads ICH Network as follows.

  • Operational issues of the network
  • Lessons learned: sharing experience and knowledge
  • Scope and definition of collaborative work through the network’s activities
  • Proposed cooperative project
  • Facilitating common effects and mutually benefiting approaches

For reference, ICHCAP has supported ICH networking in Central Asia, the axis of the northern Silk Roads for the past decade. ICHCAP and Uzbekistan signed a three-party MOU to activate the Silk Roads ICH network in 2019, which was followed by a Central Asia network meeting in Kazakhstan in 2019. ICHCAP has also teamed up with IICAS to develop a survey about ICH festivals along the Silk Roads.

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