Sports for All

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Through Sports for All, Jeollabuk-do embraces the world at the Asia-Pacific Masters Games 2023 Jeonbuk, Korea.

At the world’s greatest sporting festival, the best sports narrative of your life will be held in Jeollabuk-do, Korea. Seventy countries, thousands of participants, and twenty-six sports events will take place to build friendship and harmony for all sports enthusiasts. The Asia-Pacific Masters Games 2023 Jeonbuk, Korea, is where everyone is united across the nations and language barriers.

Korea is where a thousand-year-old tradition lives with the savoring taste, unique style, and home of the Korean wave, where history and culture shine as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This special time will make your heart to flutter and will begin in Jeollabuk-do, Korea.

We welcome you to join this opportunity to challenge yourself in Jeollabuk-do, Korea, in May 2023, and any retired athletes or amateur athletes over the age of 30 can participate.

  • Name of Game: Asia-Pacific Masters Games 2023 Jeonbuk, Korea (2023 JB-APMG)
  • Period: 2023. 5. 12. – 5. 20. / 9 days ※ Opening Ceremony (5. 13.)
  • Place: Jeollabuk-do, Korea
  • Scale: Twenty-six sports / seventy countries / thirteen thousand people
  • Auspice: IMGA
  • Management: APMG, Jeonbuk, KSOC, Jeonbuk Sports Council