Silk Roads Living Heritage Network

Membership & Partners

Silk Roads Living Heritage Network


The membership is broadly inclusive across all domains of intangible cultural heritage as reflected in the 2023 UNESCO Convention

Membership Categories

There are two membership categories: institutional and individual. The institutional members of the network shall be any structured ICH stakeholders (festivals, handicrafts workshops, etc.). The individual members of the network can be ICH bearers.

Membership Application

The SRLHN has established processes for reviewing membership applications, noting the shared intention that membership is open to all ICH stakeholders along the Silk Roads wishing to join the network’s mission and work toward its objectives. Membership applications are submitted to the Secretariat (ICHCAP), after which the admission of membership is subject to the approval of the Coordinating Bureau of the network.

Membership Responsibilities

In the spirit of cooperative action and collaboration, all members are expected to contribute to the network activities according to their priorities and capacities. Members of the network shall: participate in the network activities on a self-supporting basis; share information on relevant news and activities with the network secretariat; and take the lead in developing network activities and fostering cross-institutional exchange according to their own priorities and capacities.


The SRLHN can invite other networks, institutions, and community organizations as partners. The purposes and operations of all partnerships shall be clearly defined and approved by the Coordinating Bureau of the network.