Singapore Heritage Festival with Singapore Bicentennial

Singapore Heritage Festival 2019 ⓒ National Heritage Board Singapore

The Singapore Heritage Festival (SHF) has returned for the sixteenth time, from 15 March to 7 April 2019, with a special Singapore Bicentennial edition that will uncover hidden stories; look at this island’s seven-hundred-year history through fresh eyes; and explore pivotal moments, communities, and people that have contributed to the nation it is today. Find Your Place in History, a series of light projections around the City Centre, will explore the lesser-known stories from our history.

SHF 2019 also expands its reach with its first ever island-wide exhibition, Ride and Discover that reimagines bus stop panels as exhibition spaces, to examine the heritage of locations we might easily miss on our daily commutes.

SHF 2019 continues to present lesser-known aspects about Singapore’s heritage as it casts a spotlight on selected enclaves and neighborhoods across four weekends. From Kampong Gelam and the all new Armenian Street Park to Bedok, Telok Blangah and Kranji— festival-goers are invited to rediscover shared memories and experience places and stories anew, through a specially curated line-up of programs, exhibitions, and activities.

SHF is the National Heritage Board’s annual signature outreach program. A festival for the people and by the people, SHF is a fun and meaningful celebration of Singapore’s shared heritage and culture. SHF also brings together different individuals and communities to co-create programs for the festival, thus strengthening community ownership over our shared heritage.

The Singapore Bicentennial marks the two hundredth anniversary of the arrival of Stamford Raffles and the British in Singapore, a key turning point in our history. But our story didn’t start in 1819; it started seven hundred years ago. The Singapore Bicentennial is an occasion for us to reflect on this history, before and after 1819 and to understand our journey from a place with a geographically strategic location to a nation and people with unique traits. More details are available on the festival website.