Explore the Silk Roads Living Heritage Network

Silk Carpet Weaving © Parham Moieni

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Silk Roads Living Heritage Network (SRLHN) webpage within the homepage of the Network’s Secretariat – ICHCAP.

The necessity of the webpage development has been brought up during the discussions at the 2022 SRLHN Coordinating Bureau Meeting. The main objective of this webpage is to provide visitors with an easier way to learn about the Silk Roads Living Heritage Network and to improve the visibility of the Network’s activities.

Along with that, the platform is used as an archiving tool for the collection and management of related information on the Silk Roads’ intangible heritage in general, as well as a promotional channel to raise international awareness of the living heritage along the Silk Roads.

The content will constantly be updated with helpful information and related news. SRLHN webpage can directly be accessed via unesco-ichcap.org/sln/srlhn/. Alternatively, the navigation to the webpage is located at the page header (top-right corner) of ICHCAP’s main homepage.

For any questions, suggestions, feedback, and comments, please contact the Secretariat.