Share your Experiences on ICOM Voices

In the context of the current global health crisis, we are launching a special Call for Articles for ICOM’s online editorial space, ICOM Voices. According to an ongoing ICOM Survey, more than 93 percent of museums are closed worldwide, and in 82 percent of those institutions, less than 25 percent of their staff is currently working on site. This will have serious repercussions for the economic stability of museums, the safety and conservation of their collections, and the cultural sector as a whole.

The aim of this call is to foster a collective reflection and dialogue on the impact of the current crisis on museums and to explore and highlight the solutions they are developing through digital channels.

We invite all ICOM members to share their experiences of this crisis by submitting articles or short personal accounts related to the themes below, in English, French, or Spanish.

Tangible and Intangible Heritage Protection and Conservation:

  • How is the current health crisis impacting the protection and conservation of (tangible and intangible) heritage within museum collections?

Museum Profession and Management:

  • How does the current health crisis impact the working conditions of museum professionals and freelancers?
  • Which issues are they confronted with?
  • Which internal or external solutions can be considered?
  • Have governments implemented emergency measures to support museums? Have any grassroots initiatives emerged to complement them?

Local Development and Communities:

  • How can museums help communities cope with the crisis?
  • What actions are being carried out by museums to support community resilience and foster the health and well-being of audiences and professionals?

Accessibility and Inclusion:

  • How are museums maintaining the link with their audiences remotely, especially their most fragile visitors?
  • How are museums preserving their educational mission by stimulating knowledge creation remotely?

We are interested in hearing about innovative digital initiatives on an institutional level, but also about how the crisis is affecting individual museum professionals and freelancers.