Proceeding: International Symposium on Intangible Heritage along the Maritime Silkroad

On 13 September 2018, experts of the Asia-Pacific region gathered to discuss maritime topics. Organized and hosted by ICHCAP and the National Research Institute of Maritime Cultural Heritage, the symposium, in two sessions, allowed an opportunity to discuss issues related to traditional shipbuilding and navigation skills as well as traditional maritime knowledge in contemporary life.

This report is composed of seven presentation papers from seven countries, namely China, ROK, Malaysia, Philliphines, Indonesia, PNG, and Madagascar, regarding on transmission of traditional shipmaking and navigation skill.

Table of Contents
Session 1 : The Current Status & Issues of Traditional Ship Construction &Navigation

  • Traditional Shipbuilding Technology of Korea
  • Seas of Asia in Ancient Chinese Literature
  • Various Types of Malay Traditional Boats in the East Coast of Malay Peninsula and Symbolism in Boat Crafting
  • Philippine Traditional Boatbuilding and Maritime Culture

Session 2 : Maritime Traditional Knowledge in Contemporary Life

  • Pinisi : The Art of West-Austronesian Shipbuilding
  • The Living Tradition of Sailing Crafts : Their Important Contribution to the Quality of Life in Madagascar
  • Voyages Revive Ancient Wayfinding Knowledge