[ICH Policy Brief MOVE] 2023 SEP

01 UNESCO Trends
  * The 11th Annual Coordination Meeting of Category 2
     Centres Active in the Field of Intangible Cultural
     Heritage was held in Bulgaria
  * Discussion to protect ICH in Pakistan on UNESCO List
  * Saudi Arabia confirmed the Kingdom’s will
     to cooperate with UNESCO to preserve heritage

02 Asia-Pacific Trends
  * ASEAN discussed its own ‘ASEAN Cultural Heritage
  * China announced the first standard for digital
     preservation and cataloging of its ICH
  * Mongolia is navigating to protect and modernize its
     nomadic culture

03 Korean Trends
  * CHA budget of KRW 1.34 trillion for 2024 has been
  * Korean traditional craftwork promoted in ‘Maison &
    Objet’, Paris
  * The Culture minister of Korea, China, and Japan
    adopted the ‘Jeonju Declaration’ to strengthen mutual
    cultural exchange
  * 2023 World Heritage City Forum held in Suwon