[ICH Policy Brief MOVE] 2023 NOV

01 UNESCO Trends
  * Survey on relationship between safeguarding ICH and
     climate change in Asia-Pacific region has launched
  * International conference to enhance an integrated
     approach to various forms of heritage
  * Webinar series on sustainable tourism based on
     intangible cultural heritage in the ASEAN waterside
     cities’ Creative City Network
  * Training workshop raising awareness of the dual role
     of ICH in a Cameroon refugee camp

02 Asia-Pacific Trends
  * China’s ICH convergence to strengthen nation’s soft
  * Vietnam designated Lao folk dance as national ICH
  * Past and Future of Royal Ballet of Cambodia: the 20th
     Anniversary as Intangible Cultural Heritage of

03 Korean Trends
  * Sites of the Busan Wartime Capital need to highlight
     the intangible value of themselves for the final
     UNESCO listing
  * Jeju Island spurs the convergence of several values of
     Jeju Hanyeo culture
  * University students gathered ideas to promote
  * Korean craft works showcased in Dubai Downtown