[ICH Policy Brief: MOVE] 2023 MAR

01 UNESCO Trends
* Capacity-Building Workshop for periodic reporting organized in Africa
* IRCI endeavors to build a research hub for the protection of ICH among Asia-Pacific
* Campaign celebrating the 20th anniversary of 2003 Convention launched
* Heritage Emergency Fund supports the safeguarding of Ukraine’s heritage and artistic expressions

02 Asia-Pacific Trends
* China strengthens the link between ICH and tourism
* Hun Sen ordered MCFA to cooperate for co-nomination of Cambodian Kun Khmer(Muay Thai)
* Yurt, Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, aids Turkiye Earthquake victims

03 Korean Trends
* National Intangible cultural properties meet the public on the stage
* CHA published a recognized textbook for school heritage education
* Tourist Center opened in Incheon Int`l Airport to promote Korean heritage
* Cooperation on traditional medicine with Central Asia countries goes promising