[ICH Policy Brief: MOVE] 2023 FEB

01 UNESCO Trends
* UNESCO identifies and aids the damage caused by Turkiye-Syria Earthquake
* Effort to help Ukrainian heritage in emergency goes on
* Momentum and synergy of culture demonstrated by monitoring the implementation of 2030 Agenda indicator in the World Heritage Site in China
* MOOC on living heritage to promote the role of ICH in social issues expands its service

02 Global Trends
* The 15th Secretary-General of ASEAN stressed 6P in his inaugural speech
* Three U.S. institutions support the documentation and capacity-building of female artisans‘s activities in five Central Asian countries
* Tourism and cultural and humanitarian exchanges. will flourish in Varanasi, India, the first SCO cultural and tourism capital

03 Korean Trends
* From ‘Cultural properties’ to ‘National heritage’, CHA will amend the system
* MCST re-brands ‘Oneuljeontong(tradition of today)’ to promote Korean tradition
* Hallyu-linked‘Hanji(Korean traditional paper)’ promotion for future nomination to UNESCO List
* ROK and UAE signed the MOU to increase mutual cultural exchange
* CHA trains ICH bearers and practitioners to stimulate Korean traditional performance