[ICH Policy Brief MOVE] 2023 APR

01 UNESCO Trends
* Mosul city employs local artisans to revive its landmark and culture
* UNESCO reimagines African folk tales with Netflix together
* Nominations to the Lists of the 2003 Convention for 2024 submitted from all around the world

02 Asia-Pacific Trends
* Documentation and digitization of Western Bengal’s traditional performing art form supported by the German consulate
* A film featuring Cambodian tradition and culture released
* 2023 ICH Brand Summit held in Guangzhou, China
* Singapore National Arts Councils released Our SG Arts Plan (2023-2027)

03 Korean Trends
* Open call for elements to nominate to UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity Representative List on the next cycle
* MCST announced the Second Culture Promotion Plan (2023-2027)
* KNUCH established the Center for World Heritage and Sustainable Development to train HIA professionals
* Promotion of transmitting community for National Intangible Cultural Heritage kicks off