[ICH Policy Brief MOVE] 2023 OCT

01 UNESCO Trends
  * UNESCO urged to position culture as a global public
     good and as a development goal within the post 2030
  * Preparing an approach guideline reflecting
     on economic dimensions of intangible cultural
     heritage safeguarding
  * Intangible cultural heritage fund supports Cameroon,
     Mali, and Uganda to safeguard their living heritage
  * Growing integration of ICH and education in Mongolia

02 Asia-Pacific Trends
  * Online writers and music composers got involved to
     inherit their ICH
  * International scientific forum on the harmony of
     tangible and intangible cultural heritage held in
     Bukhara, Uzbekistan
  * NEH supports recovery and promotion of cultural
     source in American Samoa, Guam, Hawaii, and the
  * Sub-regional expert meeting to safeguard ICH in West
     and Central Asia Central Asia with climate change

03 Korean Trends
  * Seventy percent of domestic ICH faces the lack of
  * CHA will designate five Korean representative
     holidays as national ICH
  * Local cultural heritage education in and out of