[ICH Policy Brief MOVE] 2023 MAY

01 UNESCO Trends
* NGOs worldwide submitted accreditation requests to provide advisory services to UNESCO
* UNESCO organized online sessions to explain the International Assistance mechanism
* Activities to strengthen capacity to safeguard living heritage within Kenya Refugee Camp
* Thai-Lao teacher training workshop brings living heritage to the classroom

02 Asia-Pacific Trends
* First China-ASEAN ICH Week to promote BRI cultural exchanges
* Global Thematic Webinars to harness living heritage for a sustainable future under India’s G20 Presidency
* Aboriginal art centre ‘Ikuntji Artists’ made its solo runway debut at Austrailian Fashion Week

03 Korean Trends
* Young Guardians of UNESCO World Heritage kicked off their activities
* KOFICE supports International Exchange with Korean Local Cultural Contents
* Andong city shows its willingness to nominate ‘Andong Chajeon Nori’ to UNESCO ICH Lists
* International influencers in Korea joins K-UNESCO adventures