[ICH Policy Brief MOVE] 2023 JUL

01 UNESCO Trends
* The Open-ended intergovernmental working group gathered to reflect on a broader implementation of Article 18 of the 2003 Convention
* United States rejoined UNESCO as 194th member state
* The Great Himalayan Exploration to document local ICH supported by Royal Enfield – the world’s oldest motorcycle brand
* Iran firmly adheres to 2003 convention

02 Asia-Pacific Trends
* ‘2023 Cultural City of East Asian’ Opening Ceremonies
* Indonesian ‘Batik’ and Korea’s Hyundai Motors collaborate to mark the 50th anniversary of diplomatic tie
* Rising demand for cultural heritage tourism which helps local employment and local legacy safeguarding

03 Korean Trends
* Global meeting and announcement of ‘Seoul Vision’ for 20th Anniversary Celebration of the 2003 Convention
* ‘Hanji, Traditional Knowledge and Technology’ selected as a candidate for UNESCO List nomination in 2024
* Foreign corporates in Korea support the restoration, rehabilitation, and promotion of Korean heritage as part of social contribution
* Korea Foundation held an exhibition highlighting female craftsmen in Pacific island countries