[ICH Policy Brief MOVE] 2023 AUG

01 UNESCO Trends
* ICH documentation training project for youth in Jordan
* UNESCO highlighted Indigenous Youth as ‘Agents of Change for Self-determination’
* CRIHAP organized the Capacity Building Workshop on Intangible Cultural Heritage for Youth
* ICH NGO Forum supports accredited NGOs to recover from damage

02 Asia-Pacific Trends
* Uzbekistan leverages its ancient Silk Road heritage to boost domestic tourism
* Bhutan launched a safeguarding project to preserve and popularize its folk songs
* Aboriginal groups protest against Western Australia’s decision to abolish the amendment to the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act

03 Korean Trends
* The legal basis for the Korean New Heritage System has been established
* 2023 Intangible Heritage Festival spotlights the new meaning of living heritage
* CHA fosters non-designated intangible heritage to be key cultural resources in the area
* National Heritage Digital Contents Contest to prospect new K=contents