Ha Noi Intangible Cultural Heritage in Contemporary Life

Ha Noi Intangible Cultural Heritage in Contemporary Life is the first full length study of cultural heritage to be published in Vietnam. This book is a product of a collaborative project between the Centre for Research and Promotion of Cultural Heritage, Vietnam, and ICHCAP from 2015 to 2017.

The aim of this book is to identify and introduce the richness and great value of the living cultural heritage of Ha Noi, the capital city and a great center of a thousand years of civilization in Vietnam. This volume is thus a means of documenting and memorializing the boundless merits of our ancestors, and of the many generations of the communities who have continually created and sustained an extraordinarily diverse array of cultural expressions, making Ha Noi a precious repository of ancient traditions and living creativity: a land rich in cultural values and a source of pride to all Vietnamese citizens, and especially to all the people of Ha Noi.