Alternative Identities: Masks of ASEAN and Korea Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Information

  • Exhibition Title: Alternative Identities: Masks of ASEAN& Korea
  • Date and Venue: 26 April ~ 23 July 2023, KF ASEAN Culture House in Busan
  • Organized by: ICHCAP, KF ASEAN Culture House


  • GREETING LEE In-hyuck, Director-General, KF ASEAN Culture House
  • FOREWORD KIM Jisung, Director-General, UNESCO ICHCAP
  • The Artistry of Humanity’s Mask Culture (JEON Kyeongwook, Professor, Korea University)
  • The Inscription of “Talchum, Mask Dance Drama in the Republic of Korea”on the UNESCO Representative List: Implications and Follow-up Tasks (HEO Yongho, Professor, Gyeongju University)
    SECTION 1. Origin of Masks
    SECTION 2. Representation of Myth
    SECTION 3. Alternative Realities
    SECTION 4. Reflection of Self
    SECTION 5. Talchum, Mask Dance Drama
  • List of Plates