Coloring ICH: Intangible Cultural Heritage in South Asia

ICHCAP is unveiling a new online exhibition to promote awareness of intangible cultural heritage (ICH) via Google Arts and Culture. We collaborated with ICH experts to curate five exhibitions on South Asian cultural practices such as traditional knowledge, social rituals, and crafts. You can explore representative artifacts of South Asian culture online at Google Cultural Institute under the title of ICHCAP collection. We hope the exhibitions will inspire you to actively and widely explore ICH.

In this booklet, we showcase a small part of the exhibitions covering the following:

  • Traditional Art of Jamdani Weaving in Bangladesh
  • Dazo: The Art of Traditional Bow and Arrow Making in Bhutan
  • Liyelaa Jehun: The Lacquer Crafts of the MaldivesInfamous but Captivating Lakhe Dance of Nepal
  • Hela Weda Mahima: The Glory of Indigenous Medicine in Sri Lanka