Public Screening of Youth-Produced ICH Films

Video Creation with Young Generation © OurYAP (FSM), 2017

ICHCAP is showcasing video clips on ICH produced by six Asia-Pacific institutions with youth participation. The videos are the result of the 2017 youth video production project, which was designed to raise youth awareness of ICH and encourage their participation in ICH safeguarding through interviews with ICH bearers/experts. The project also aims to film youth activities and share the videos with their peer groups.

Initiated in 2016, the project in 2017 was under the theme “Women’s Role in Safeguarding and Promoting ICH.” The participating institutions in six countries were OurYAP (Micronesia), National Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan for UNESCO (Uzbekistan), North Eastern Hill University (India), KazNPU (Kazakhstan), University of the Philippines Visayas (Philippines), and Imsil Pilbong Nongak Preservation Society (Korea).

The Our Youth Are Promising (OurYAP) of Micronesia produced “Weaving Knowledge Into the Basket,” which shows a master weaver teaching young participants how to weave baskets with coconut leaves.

In “Safeguarding Ikat Making Traditions,” the National Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan for UNESCO visited the Traditional Crafts Development Center of Marghilan to interview craftspeople and film their thoughts on the meaning of ICH.

In India, students in the Department of Botany, Lady Keane College (under North Eastern Hill University, Shillong), filmed “Eri Silk Production and Weaving Heritage of Bhoi Khasi Tribe of Meghalaya,” detailing silkworm cultivation, dyeing, and silk production to help viewers better understand ICH.

In Kazakhstan, students and professors of Kazakh National Pedagogical University (KazNPU) named Abay produced a video on traditional Kazakh textiles (felting and chee grass platting). They interviewed related experts who explain the cultural importance and value of traditional textiles as well as women’s roles in them.

The University of the Philippines Visayas filmed “Panubok, The Intangible Culture of Panay Bukidnon,” which describes the meaning of panubok, the traditional embroidery of the Panay Bukidnon, as well as its past and future. The video shows young people doing the traditional binanog dance while wearing clothes with panubok embroidery.

Lastly, the Imsil Pilbong Nongak Preservation Society of Korea describes the important roles of women in preserving farm music through the story of the wife of sangsoe (leading gong player).

The youth video production project is considered unique in that it describes ICH from the perspective of young people. ICH documentation with youth participation can contribute to enhancing ICH sustainability. The video playlist is are available on ICHCAP’s YouTube channel.