Community of Chon-Alay region, Osh province © Abdirahmanova

A project to revive kalyak – the traditional female headdress, by involving the local community of Chon-Alay region, Osh province (Kyrgyzstan) to document and popularize, is being implemented by voluntary association “Uz Datkalar”, with the support of the Institute for Sustainable Development Strategy, public foundation. “Uz Datakalar” is a community of needlewomen of Sary-Mogol village, Chon-Alai region, Osh province.

 In the framework of the project, needlewomen of Kyrgyzstan visited the villages of Koono – Korgon, Yran – Kol, Kara-Kol, of Murghab region, Republic of Tajikistan. This is the village where ethnic Kyrgyz live. In the regional studies, needlewomen from Kyrgyzstan managed to record information on how to sew patterns on scarfs, the location of woven fringe, various methods of tying kalyak on the head, as well as to fix samples of skullcaps (kep takyya), dressing scarves (duruya jooluk), veils or wraps for the face (zhuz zhapky), towels (chachpak) and jewelry (asem buyumdary).

For the students of the schools of the village Sary-Mogol (Kyrgyzstan), 2 workshops were held on embroidering patterns of special dressing scarves (duruya) and frill embroideries (kyrgak) for headdress, on the basis of which 6 girls by themselves embroidered a dressing scarves “duruya jooluk” along their edges they embroidered a kyrgak.

On July 20, 2019, at the foot of Lenin Peak in Chon-Alai region, the “Journey to the Mountains” festival was held, at which “Uz Datakalar” participated and presented collection “Muras” (Heritage). In a theatrical performance, the ceremony “Seeing off the Bride” was performed using headdresses kalyak.

In order to show the skill of needlewomen working in the framework of the “KALYAK – CHON-ALAI HERITAGE” project, a network of special ART GALLERIES was opened in the villages of Daroot-Korgon, Kashka-Suu, Sary-Mogol (Kyrgyzstan). In this art gallery, all the conditions have been created so that women can learn the methods of tying kalyak , consolidate skills and spread their knowledge, improve all skills in manufacturing quality products, organize master classes for those who want to learn this type of art.