Strengthening Networks for Experts and Organizations


To provide information on organizations and individual experts related to ICH safeguarding activities


UNESCO Strategic Objectives (C/5) ROK-UNESCO Agreement (Article 6.2) SDGs 2030
SO 7 SO 8 SO 9 1 2 3 4 17

Projects and Activities

Establish and Distribute an ICH Stakeholder Directory (3rd Phase)


4 States in Central Asia1.

Major Activities

  • Collect information on ICH stakeholders and institutions in Central Asia
  • Upload South Asia ICH stakeholder information on online directory
  • Provide online directory service


UNESCO Field Office, NATCOMs, and related organizations


Performance Indicators Target
  • Number of information entries on ICH stakeholders collected
  • More than 100 entries in 4 Central Asia countries

Expected Results

Provide information on ICH organizations and individuals in online and offline environments

Notes   [ + ]

1. 1st phase (2016): Southeast Asia, 2nd phase (2017): South Asia