Invigorating the Networks for ICH Experts and Institutes

2018 Sub-regional Meeting for Intangible Cultural heritage Safeguarding in Northeast Asia © ICHCAP

ICHCAP is building networks for ICH safeguarding based on the spirit of coexistence, solidarity, and cultural diversity. It has been crucial for the life of the Centre to nurture a living connection among a wide range of stakeholders including academic institutions, museums, cultural centers, archives, and individual experts. ICHCAP has been holding sub-regional network meetings since 2010, beginning with the Central Asian and Pacific sub-regions and expanding toward Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, and South Asia. Additionally, ICHCAP has been organizing and sharing information about various ICH stakeholders. Sharing information allows stakeholders to expand their networks and promote creative and productive initiatives for ICH safeguarding. ICHCAP aims toward a bottom-up approach with community leadership.


  • Government organizations, museums, and experts in Asia-Pacific regions


Holding Sub-Regional Meetings

  • Since the first sub-regional meeting in 2010 with four Central Asian states held in Uzbekistan, ICHCAP has been fostering dialogue among Member States to discuss issues in ICH safeguarding, particularly the use of ICH and inter-state cooperation opportunities
Year Location States Parties Agenda
Central Asia
2010 Uzbekistan 5 To share information about the 2003 Convention implementation and status of current national inventory
2011 Tajikistan 4 To establish a plan for national inventory of intangible cultural heritage using online tools (2011-2014)
2012 Kyrgyzstan 4 To develop an online database system for intangible cultural heritage and field research
2013 Kazakhstan 5 To input data into national databases and work toward website development
2014 Uzbekistan 7 To hold a symposium on Central Asian oral traditions and epics
2015 Republic of Korea 6 To establish a plan for visibility raising projects in Central Asia (2015–2018)
2016 Tajikistan 6 To hold a symposium on sacred cultural spaces as ICH safeguarding and reinforcing identity in Central Asia, and sharing interim report on the video production project
2017 Kyrgyzstan 6 To hold a symposium on vocational training for ICH safeguarding in Central Asia, film festival, and photo exhibition in relation to the video production project
2019 Kazakhstan 4 To develop joint-projects for vocational education toward a wider promotion of intangible cultural heritage
2021 Online 4 Safeguarding ICH in education through an integrated approach
Pacific Islands
2010 Fiji 4 To understand the current status of ICH safeguarding and the UNESCO 2003 Convention implementation
2011 Tonga 4 To develop strategies for ICH safeguarding and joint-inscriptions
2012 Cook Island 6 To build information systems for ICH safeguarding and promote the implementation of the UNESCO 2003 Convention
2013 Vanuatu 6 To determine strategies for information distribution to raise visibility
2014 Micronesia 6 To determine working strategies for information visibility and use
2015 Fiji 7 To determine strategies for using dormant resources
2017 Palau 4 To determine strategies of promoting the role of the youth as safeguarding actors for Pacific ICH
2020 Online 5 Building a Cooperative System for ICH Safeguarding in the Future after Covid-19
Southeast Asia
2012 Indonesia 11 To examine issues in ICH safeguarding in Southeast Asia and cooperative strategies
2015 Vietnam 8 To establish stakeholder networks and regional cooperation toward a wider promotion of ICH safeguarding
2017 Malaysia 8 To design measures for the vitality of ICH communities
2021 Online 11 The Role of Youths in Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage
Northeast Asia
2014 Mongolia 5 To document and share information on Northeast Asian intangible heritage
2016 Mongolia 5 To explore ICH and the role of media in Northeast Asia
2018 Mongolia 5 ICH in education: towards joint collaboration for promoting ICH in formal and non-formal education
2021 Online 5 Exploring and safeguarding shared intangible cultural heritages in East Asia
South Asia
2016 India 6 To explore the roles of ICH community and NGOs for sustainable development
2017 Nepal 8 To sharing countries’ experiences concerning the UNESCO 2003 Convention implementation at the national level
2019 Bangladesh 7 To promote collaboration in ICH safeguarding via formal and informal education
2021 India/Online 7 Strengthening Creative Economy through Sustainable Development of ICH