Strengthening Networks for Communities and NGOs


To share case studies about and experiences of ICH communities and NGOs and to strengthen their safeguarding capacity


UNESCO Strategic Objectives (C/5) ROK-UNESCO Agreement (Article 6.2) SDGs 2030
SO 7 SO 8 SO 9 1 2 3 4 17

Projects and Activities

The 2nd Asia-Pacific ICH NGO Conference (November, Hue, Vietnam)


Approx. 20 ICH NGOs in the Asia-Pacific region


ICH NGOs towards Sustainable Development of Communities

Major Contents

  • Share case studies about and experiences of ICH NGOs for sustainable development
  • Solidify the network on a regular basis


UNESCO Field Offices, ICH NGO Forum

Publish Case Studies on NGO Safeguarding Activities


9 NGOs in the Asia-Pacific region
(Theme: Quality Education, Gender Equality, etc.)

Major Activities

Publish selected NGOs’ good practices in safeguarding ICH1.

Skill Holders Meeting on Traditional Shipbuilding and Navigation (September, Korea)


To discuss the necessity of transmitting disappearing ICH elements


Communities and NGOs related to traditional shipbuilding and navigation in Southeast Asia and the Pacific

Major Activities

  • Hold a meeting on traditional shipbuilding and navigation
  • Publish a report on the meeting


UNESCO Field Offices (Apia, Bangkok, Jakarta) and maritime heritage institutes


Performance Indicators Target
  • Number of organizations participating in the conference
  • Number of NGO case study reports published
  • Number of meetings held
  • More than 20 NGOs
  • 1 NGO case study report
  • 1 meeting

Expected Results

Enlarge the networks among communities and NGOs within the context of the stated ICH themes and elements

Notes   [ + ]

1. As result of 2017 case studies