Strengthening ICT-Based ICH Information Capacity


To establish mechanism for safeguarding ICH and strengthen ICT capacities in Member States


UNESCO Strategic Objectives (C/5) ROK-UNESCO Agreement (Article 6.2) SDGs 2030
SO 7 SO 8 SO 9 1 2 3 4 17

Projects and Activities

Support the Activation of ICH Information-related Institutes


ICH information-related institute in Member States (One Member State)

Major Activities

  • Establish a plan for activating ICH information institutes
  • Support management system of heritage information (human resources, materials, and technologies)


UNESCO Field Offices, ministries of culture, and NATCOMs

Expert Meeting for Building Regional ICH Information Platform


Information experts and institutes in the cultural field

Major Activities

  • Identify relevant policies on and discuss strategies for building ICH information-sharing platform
  • Present case studies and discuss issues on ICH information centers
  • Discuss plan on a project to support the activation of ICH information-related institutes


UNESCO, NATCOMs, and ICH information institutes in Member States


Performance Indicators Target
  • Number of organizations/groups supported
  • Number of network meeting held
  • 2 organizations/groups (one per nation)
  • 1 meeting

Expected Results

Strengthen the capacities of information organizations for managing cultural heritage systems