Publishing ICH Courier and ICH Plus+

ICH Courier vol 39~41 © ICHCAP

Since 2009, ICHCAP has been publishing and distributing the quarterly magazine of the Centre ICH Courier to disseminate curated writings and information on ICH in the Asia-Pacific region. To render a wide accessibility and disseminability of thoughts and explorations on ICH, ICHCAP maintains the availability of ICH Courier online for free. In addition, the ICH Plus+ (e-newsletter) is published online twice per month to deliver timely and up-to-date ICH-related news to readers.

Main Activities

  • Publishing ICH Courier
  • Publishing ICH PLUS+ (e-newsletter)


  • ICH related institutes, experts, and the general publi

Partner Organizations

  • ICH Courier Editorial Advisory Board (2020-2021)
Aigul Khalafova National Professional Officer for Culture, UNESOC Almaty Office
Elise Huffer Cultural Consultant
Hanhee Hamh Director, Center for Intangible Cultural Studies
Suzanne Ogge Director, Heritage Projects at studioMilou Singapore
UNESCO Consultant for Living Heritage and Museums