Publishing Books and Supporting Other Publications


To share information about key ICH issues and UNESCO policy through publications


UNESCO Strategic Objectives (C/5) ROK-UNESCO Agreement (Article 6.2) SDGs 2030
SO 7 SO 8 SO 9 1 2 3 4 4, 17

Projects and Activities

Support Multilingual Translations of UNESCO ICH Publications


3 South Asian countries (Bangladesh, Maldives, and Nepal)1.


ICH and Sustainable Development and ICH and Gender


Bengali, Dhivehi, and Nepali

Publish the ICH & Society Book Series


ICH in Kyrgyzstan

Major Activities

Publish a book on Kyrgyz ICH (in English and Kyrgyz)

Publish ICHCAP’s Annual Report and Promotional Brochure


Performance Indicators Target
  • Number of languages translated and published
  • Number of ICH promotional books published
  • Number of publications on ICHCAP’s activities
  • 3 languages translated and published
  • 1 ICH promotional book
  • 1 annual report, 1 promotional brochure

Expected Results

Raise awareness about the importance of safeguarding ICH and the 2003 Convention

Notes   [ + ]

1. Completed translations:

  • 2016: Russian, Uzbek, Mongolian, Malay, Sinhalese, and Tongan
  • 2017: Bhutanese, Korean, Tamil, Thai, and Vietnamese