Building ichLinks, Open ICH Information-Sharing Platform

ichlinks 인포그래픽

ICHCAP has made efforts to build a systematic mechanism that creates an effective pipeline to share ICH information and contents, ranging from organized collections and productions to sharing and use. ichLinks aims to be a one-stop gateway for easy search and use of all ICH information and contents in the Asia-Pacific region.

Main Activities

  • Recruiting Partner Organizations and Supporting ICH-related Projects
  • Organizing ichLinks Executive Committee by Partner Organizations
  • Developing and Managing the ichLinks Website
  • Establishing Database of ICH Information(element/stakeholder) and ICH Materials(Photo/Video/Audio/Publication)
  • Producing ICH Digital Contents


  • ICH-related information organizations in Asia-Pacific Member States

Partner Organizations

Phase State Partner Organization website
1st Vietnam National Institute of Culture and Arts Studies(VICAS) Vietnam
Mongolia National Center for Cultural Heritage
Uzbekistan Republican Scientific-Methodical Center for Organization of Culture Institutions Activity(RIMM) under the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Malaysia Malaysian Arts and Culture Practitioner Association
Kazakhstan National Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage
2nd Bhutan National Library and Archives of Bhutan(NLAB)
Singapore National Heritage Board(NHB)
Fiji iTaukei Institute of Language and Culture (TILC), Ministry of iTaukei Affairs
India Sangeet Natak Akademi(SNA)
Cambodia Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts
Kyrgyzstan National Commission of the Kyrgyz Republic for UNESCO
Tajikistan Research Institute of Culture and Information


  • Signing MOUs with the Five Partner Organizations and Supporting Four ICH-related Projects
  • Organizing the First Working Meeting for the ichLinks
  • Building the ichLinks Website(
  • Establishing ICH Database of ICHCAP’s data and Partner Organizations’ data
  • Developing Three Types of ICH Digital Contents Model and Producing ICH Digital Contents