Raising Awareness

Promoting the value of intangible cultural heritage (ICH) and raising awareness about cultural assets, domains of knowledge, and practices relevant to ICH are essential conditions for safeguarding living heritage. Active promotion of ICH and pertinent awareness-raising for the public initiate wider consciousness to support sustainable safeguarding activities of ICH. In recent years, the activities mentioned above for the promoting visibility of ICH have not only sparked greater public interest but also contributed to the inter-generational transmission of living heritage, garnering improved participation from the youth in the end.

Accordingly, ICHCAP publishes the ICH Courier, ICH Plus+ e-newsletter, ICH-related UNESCO policy publications, and periodicals including ICH elements introductory materials. ICHCAP also produces various media and children’s books and other types of ICH-related content. Last but not least, ICHCAP strives to promote community participation and raise public awareness of living heritage through continuous organization and support of public events and festivals.