Pasifika Festival to be Held on March in Auckland, New Zealand

Pasifika Festival main banner © Pasifika

The Pasifika Festival is planned to be held on 18 and 19 March 2023 in Western Springs, Auckland, New Zealand. The Pasifika Festival is an annual celebration of the cultures of the South Pacific and is the largest festival in the region, loved by the local New Zealanders. The Pasifika Festival had been suspended due to Covid-19; however, it will resume this year.

Prior to the main festival period, from 4 to 12 March, the Pasifika Village Games and the Pasifika Soul session programs will be held. These events are hosted by Tātaki Auckland Unlimited in celebration of the Pasifika Month.

In the Pasifika Village Games, national teams from Pacific Island communities will hold a variety of sporting events. This year, touch rugby and netball matches will be played in a tournament format. All matches will be open to spectators free of charge. In addition, entertainment such as food stalls and performance facilities will be organized in the village center to create an environment where family visitors can enjoy.

Furthermore, during the Pasifika Festival, eight villages will prepare areas to experience unique traditional food and purchase Pacific Islanders’ crafts. Through the Pacific culture exhibition program, which will be newly introduced in 2023, various visitors will have the opportunity to experience Pacific culture.

Pasifika Soul Sessions invite friends and family to relax in Western Springs Park to enjoy music from a variety of genres by Pasifika artists such as brotherhood Musiq and Adeaze.

Please visit the official website for more information on the Pasifika Festival.