Online Exhibition on South Asia ICH

The traditional lakhe dance during Indra Jatra festival in Kathmandu © Rekha Shakya, 2017

ICHCAP introduces five ICH elements of South Asia through the Google Arts & Culture platform.

ICHCAP signed a partnership with Google in 2016 and has showcased various Asia-Pacific ICH through online exhibitions, including high-resolution images and video clips. In 2017, the Pacific ICH Online Exhibition drew a lot of attention. This year’s South Asia ICH Exhibition will display ICH collected audiovisual resources from five South Asian countries—Nepal, Maldives, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka.

The exhibition is divided into five sections—Infamous but captivating lakhe dance of Nepal, The lacquer crafts of the Maldives, Traditional art of jamdani weaving in Bangladesh, The art of traditional bow and arrow making in Bhutan, The glory of indigenous medicine in Sri Lanka—offering visitors an opportunity to experience ICH as a cultural asset that conveys the values of South Asian people. The online platform will help the public better understand and experience ICH.

The exhibition is available on the Google Arts & Culture website and as a mobile application. A coloring book made with images from the exhibition is also available online to spark interest among the youth.

※ Google Arts & Culture is an online exhibition platform provided by Google since 2011 to showcase cultural heritage and artwork from all around the world. Thus far, 1,200 arts and culture institutions from seventy countries have partnered with Google to display 6.4 million high-resolution digital materials online.