International Handicrafts Exhibition in Muscat to be Held in March

The International Handicrafts Exhibition (Muscat 2019) will be held from 10 to 13 March 2019 at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre. This expo is organized by the Public Authority for Craft Industries in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.

The event aims to be an efficient communication platform for the handicrafts industry and stakeholders from the participating countries to share knowledge and acquire first-hand experience as well as to showcase the latest technology and tools used in the production process, along with the raw materials and finished products, which will be offered for sale to visitors, providing an incredible opportunity to upgrade Omani handicrafts industry and become one of the world’s leading players in the handicraft sector.

Moreover, among the contents for exchanging experience and showcase there will be a section of product packaging and presentation tips for successful marketing to the consumers at the exhibition in the industries such as silver, metal, wool and cotton, ceramic and pottery, wooden handicrafts, bone products, aromatic distillates and incense, glassware products, conch shell handicrafts, and leather products.

The authority emphasized that the handicrafts sector is a significant part of the national heritage in most countries and have potential whether they are related to human resources with excellent skills in craft activities, increasing the use of raw materials available in the local environment, or other resources available for some related parties. The authority additionally said that such resources can be used to develop and promote investment in small- or medium-sized enterprises in the traditional industries sector.

Download the official brochure.