Inauguration of Jisung Kim, the new Director-General of UNESCO ICHCAP

Director-General Ji-sung Kim is located on the fourth from left to right © ICHCAP

Mr Jisung Kim, newly assigned as the Director-General of the UNESCO ICHCAP, began his three-year term from 1 January this year.

Jisung Kim, the new Director-General, is an expert on cultural heritage, who served as a General Manager of General Policy Division, Promotion Policy Division, International Cooperation Division at the Cultural Heritage Administration of the Republic of Korea. In addition, he has various experiences and fruitful knowledge in international cooperation and intangible cultural heritage, obtained through his master’s degree in intangible cultural heritage policy. ”We expect the new Director-General to contribute significantly to the development of ICHCAP, as an organisation of international cooperation in the intangible cultural heritage”, Cultural Heritage Administration noted.

The UNESCO ICHCAP was specially established in 2011 by an agreement between UNESCO and the Korean Government to support the safeguarding and capacity-building activities of 48 UNESCO members states in the region.