ichLinks (ICH Information Sharing Platform) to Provide Newly Curated Content Services

'ichlinks' main screen image © ICHCAP

ichLinks, an ICH information-sharing platform in the Asia-Pacific region, will provide a series of newly curated contents. There will be a total of eight new contents in 2022 including two on ICH Journey, three on Online Exhibition, two on ICH Story, and one on ICH VR.

ichLinks, which opened in March 2021, has developed content prototypes with five themes for the general public to find ICH more compelling. These include ICH Journey, an online tour content introducing intangible cultural heritage of specific cities along with tangible cultural heritage, natural heritage, and attractions; Online Exhibition, an online ICH exhibition content; ICH Story, an essay content that discovers ICH in popular culture and explains its social functions and cultural meanings; People, an interview content containing the voices of ICH stakeholders; and ICH VR, the immersive content on ICH.

The curated contents to be released in 2022 consist of ▲contents dealing with ICHs of the 2nd Partner Organizations of ichLinks which includes one on Singapore on ICH Journey (scheduled in August) and another on Bhutanese ‘Cham’ on Online Exhibition (from March), and ▲contents curating the outcomes of the TechCul contest hosted by UNESCO Bangkok office including contents on Thailand on ICH Journey (scheduled in April), Vietnamese ‘Hat Boi’ on Online Exhibition (from January), Hong Kong’s ‘Hakka Rice Dumplings’ on Online Exhibition and on ICH Story (scheduled in June). In addition, two contents on Korean ICH, including ICH Story- Movie “Festival” (1996) and ICH VR on Korean traditional mask dance theater company (scheduled in May).

ichLinks plans to improve service quality by continuously expanding contents by curating ICH information and data shared on the platform. Furthermore, ichLinks will also promote the development of programs that allow ICH stakeholders to interact and cooperate both as consumers and producers of ICH contents.