ICHCAP’s Expertise Will Be Shared at the Transformational Impacts of Information Technology Globinar

Globinar Poster Image

ICHCAP will share its experience and knowledge for safeguarding and monitoring intangible cultural heritage at the Transformational Impact of Information Technology Globinar from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. on 9 January. Our World Heritage is the host of this Globinar, and all programs will be carried out online.

Our World Heritage is a campaign and movement that seeks to re-envision of the World Heritage Convention as its fifrtieth anniversary is approaching. The mission of Our World Heritage is to “support heritage protection, stop politicization, and engage civil society”.

Globinar’s main theme is “Transformational Impact of Information Technology,” followed by sessions on various topics such as ‘Bridging the Digital Gap in Our World Heritage: Australasia Pacific’, ‘Technology Across Borders of Our World Heritage: Arab Region, Africa and Europe’ and ‘A Digitally Interconnected Our World Heritage: Americas’. Online relay discussions and networking among participants from all around the world will be held for twenty-four hours from 1 p.m. on the 9 January.

ICHCAP is participating as a panelist in the first session: Bridging the Digital Gap in Our World Heritage in the Australasia Pacific region of the Globinar. Sangmook Park, Programme Specialist at the Office of Information and Research of ICHCAP, will hold a panel discussion in a breakout room as a panelist and present ICHCAP’s expertise and best practices related to monitoring and safeguarding World Heritage sites, the presentation and interpretations of World Heritage through various tools, and nature and cultural connections of World Heritage.

More details about the Globinar can be found in the link below.