ICHCAP’s 2021 Work Plan Confirmed

2020 Governing Board Meeting of ICHCAP © ICHCAP

The 2020 Governing Board Meeting of ICHCAP took place 20 November 2020 at the Daejeon Convention Center, Republic of Korea, under quarantine control. The meeting was attended by eight Governing Board members, and Category 2 Centers from China and Japan also attended to discuss the ICHCAP’s 2021 projects. This year, due to the Corona-19, some participants, including Board Members outside of Korea, participated online.

The Secretariat reported on the current status of the 2020 programs and major pending issues, and examination and approval of the agenda including appointment of new Board Member and next year’s project plan. The Board Members commented that the ICHCAP’s 2020 activities, regardless of the Corona-19 situation, have been successfully implemented by actively using the online platform, while at the same time, collaboration with the Chinese and Japanese centers and UNESCO field offices stands out.

Members participating online © Choong-ung Lee

ICHCAP’s 2021 projects, established based on the UNESCO’s strategies (37 C/4 and 40 C/5) and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, were confirmed. (see table below)

The 2021 projects will be carried out under sixteen programs in the framework of five strategic tasks: 1) Establishing and Activating ICH Information-Sharing Mechanisms; 2) Diversifying and Strengthening ICH Networks; 3) Raising Visibility and Awareness of ICH; 4) Building ICH Information-Sharing Platform; and 5) Increasing Efficiency in Planning and Management. In particular, next year, ICHCAP will develop and operate a platform called ichLinks under the value of ‘Openness, sharing and decentralization’ to implement a voluntary information sharing system that focuses on Member States’ participation and joint use of contents.

In addition, Ms. Chang Hwee Nee, chairman of Singapore’s National Heritage Committee, who was recommended as a candidate by the ICHCAP’s Executive Committee, will be appointed as a new Board member and serve a role as a representative of Member States in the region for two years from next year.

Participants © ICHCAP

Approved Project for 2021

Strategic Task Implementing Task Programs
Ⅰ. Establishing and Activating ICH Information-Sharing Mechanisms 1. Disseminating Information on ICH Safeguarding Activities 1. Supporting ICH-themed Multimedia Content Creation & Curation
2. Strengthening Information Capacities in ICH 2. Producing ICH Video Contents in the Asia-Pacific
Ⅱ. Diversifying and Strengthening ICH Networks 3. Strengthening Networks among ICH Stakeholders 3. Strengthening Networks for Experts and Organizations
4. Strengthening ICH Networks among Education Institutions
4. Operating Interpersonal Capacity-Building Networks 5.Interpersonal Exchange Programs in the ICH Field
Ⅲ. Raising Visibility and Awareness of ICH 5. Publishing Periodicals and Books on ICH 6. Publishing ICH Courier
7. Publishing Books and Supporting Other Publications
6. Supporting ICH Events and Awareness Raising 8. Supporting ICH Events and Festivals
9. Operating Programs for Raising Awareness of ICH
IV. Building ICH Information-Sharing Platform 7. Building and Strengthening ICH Information-Sharing System 10. Operating ichLinks Platform
11. Advancing ichLinks Platform
V.Increasing Efficiency in Planning and Management 8. Enhancing Capacities for Program Planning 12. UNESCO Cooperation
13. Supporting Decision-Making Mechanisms and Strengthening Internal Capacity
9. Maintaining Information Management Systems 14. Maintaining and Managing Information-Sharing Systems