ICHCAP’s 2018 Work Plan Has Been Confirmed

2017 Governing Board Meeting

ICHCAP’s major projects for 2018 were confirmed at the 2017 Governing Board Meeting that took place on 15 December 2017 at the National Palace Museum of Korea. ICHCAP’s eleven governing board members and relevant members of the Cultural Heritage Administration, the Korean National Commission for UNESCO, and other UNESCO ICH category 2 centers from China and Japan attended.

ICHCAP reported the progress and current issues of its 2017 projects and appointed four new board members:

  • Augustine C. Kohler, Secretary-General, FSM National Commission for UNESCO
  • Virgilio S. Almario, Chairman of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, Philippines
  • Nang Lao Ngin, Director, National Museum, Yangon
  • Marc Jacobs, Director, the Flemish Interface for Cultural Heritage (FARO)

ICHCAP’s work plan and budget for 2018 were approved. (See the table in the next section.) ICHCAP’s main functions were amended in the Korea-UNESCO Agreement for Establishment of ICHCAP, which was passed during the 202nd UNESCO Executive Board Meeting (202 EX/18, 13 October 2017). The plan focuses on enhancing information-sharing mechanisms and diversifying networks in accordance with the amendments. The plan emphasizes a shift from collecting and accumulating data on ICH lists to a systematic flow of information (collection, analysis, processing, and distribution) and better distribution of information on ICH safeguarding activities.

Among the new projects, ICHCAP plans to collect and share information on ICH safeguarding cases from communities and NGOs. It also seeks to identify new areas for networking and diversify target groups (craftsmen, higher education, etc.). The meetings planned for 2018 include the second Asia-Pacific ICH NGO Conference, Expert Meeting for Building Regional ICH Information Platform, Skill-Holders Meeting on Traditional Shipbuilding and Navigation, Asia-Pacific ICH Tertiary Education Network Forum, ICH Network Meeting for Education in Northeast Asia, and Expert Meeting on Video Documentation of ICH for eight Southeast Asian countries.

ICHCAP will also raise awareness about ICH by publishing books and periodicals, including the ICH Courier, the ICH Courier e-Newsletter, a collection of case studies on NGOs’ activities, and the ICH & Society Book Series. It also plans to support ICH events such as ICH film festivals and enhance planning capacity to explore future projects.
Your continued interest and support for ICHCAP’s 2018 activities is greatly appreciated.

Approved Projects for 2018

Strategic Task (4) Implementing Task (8) Programs (16)
Establishing and Activating ICH Information-Sharing Mechanisms Disseminating Information on ICH Safeguarding Activities 1.1. Disseminating Information and enhancing its value on ICH Safeguarding
1.2. Producing Video Contents on Asia-Pacific ICH
Strengthening Information Capacities in ICH 2.1. Supporting the Digitization of ICH Recordings
2.2. Strengthening ICT-based ICH Information Capacity
Diversifying and Strengthening ICH Networks Strengthening Networks among ICH Stakeholders 3.1. Strengthening Networks for Communities and NGOs
3.2. Vitalizing Networks for Experts and Expert Organizations
3.3. Strengthening ICH Network among Educational Institutes
Operating Interpersonal Capacity-Building Networks 4.1. Interpersonal Exchange Programs in the ICH Field
Raising Visibility and Awareness on ICH Publishing Periodicals and ICH Books 5.1. Publishing ICH Courier and ICH Courier e-Newsletter
5.2. Publishing Books and Supporting Publications
Supporting ICH Events and Raising Awareness 6.1. Supporting ICH Events and Festivals
6.2. Operating Programs for Raising Awareness about ICH
Increasing Efficiency in Planning and Management Enhancing Capacities for Program Planning 7.1. UNESCO Cooperation and Strategy Development
7.2. Supporting Decision-Making Mechanisms
7.3. Developing Future Programs and Strengthen Internal Capacity
Maintaining Information Management Systems 8.1. Maintaining and Managing Information Sharing Systems