ICHCAP X Cinemontand YouTube channel, Create a Review Content for the Kazakh Movie ‘Walnut Tree (2015)’

The movie ‘Walnut Tree (2015)’ © DAUM MOVIE

As part of the Supporting ICH Digital Content Creator project, movie review content from the Asia-Pacific region was produced. The production of this review content took place in March of this year, 2023, in collaboration with Cinemontand, a YouTube channel specializing in movie and animation reviews that is a recipient of the ICH Digital Content Creator project. The selected movie for this movie review content is ‘Walnut Tree‘ directed by Yerlan Nurmukhambetov from Kazakhstan.

The movie ‘Walnut Tree’ depicts the villagers’ small-scale daily lives and minor commotions that unfold around the process of the main characters, Gabit and Aisulu, getting married. In the review content of the movie ‘Walnut Tree,’ you can see various intangible cultural heritage elements such as Kazakhstan’s wedding rituals, process, meaning, and communal life. The movie ‘Walnut Tree’ review content can be viewed on the official YouTube channel of ICHCAP, and additional movie and animation review content from the Asia-Pacific region will be uploaded by the end of December.