ICHCAP Updates Contents on e-Knowledge Center, a Platform for Sharing ICH Information

ICHCAP operates the e-Knowledge Center, an online platform to share knowledge and information about ICH in the Asia-Pacific region and introduce various ICH in the region.

In 2018, ICHCAP renewed the main page of e-Knowledge Center and uploaded seven new contents: Google Meets ICH; the Traditional Musical Instruments on Myanmar; Restoring and Digitizing ICH Resources; Tell Me about… Tugging Rituals and Games; Youth Meets ICH; Our Cultural Expressions: Indigenous Sounds of Fiji; and Yapese Intangible Cultural Heritage: History, Legends, Myths, and Performing Arts of the Federated States of Micronesia.

First Google Meets ICH is an online exhibition organized through a partnership between ICHCAP and Google. The exhibition curators selected and covered exhibits in twelve practitioner communities. The videos and images, which are featured on the Google Arts & Culture website, are also embedded in e-Knowledge Center.

The Traditional Musical Instruments on Myanmar is the result of a collaborative by ICHCAP and the Ministry of Culture in Myanmar to safeguard ICH related to the craftsmanship and performing arts of traditional musical instruments and to promote cultural diversity among multi- ethnic groups in Myanmar. The content introduces 298 kinds of traditional instruments passed down in ten ethnic groups in Myanmar. The history and making process of each instrument are described. Performance videos on thirty-eight kinds of instruments are also available.

Restoring and Digitizing ICH Resources was created as part of ICHCAP’s support project for digitizing analogue audiovisual materials in Asia-Pacific Member States. The digitization project is aimed to digitize severely damage or at-risk analogue materials the safeguarding, management and use of the materials. Eleven audiovisual contents from the project are available On the e-Knowledge Center.

Tell Me about… Tugging Rituals and Games is a children’s book that explains tugging rituals and games of Korea, Cambodia, Philippines, and Vietnam, which are inscribed on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The online book is available only in Korean.

Youth Meets ICH is the outcome of ICHCAP’s youth video production project, which was designed to raise youth awareness of ICH by encouraging youth participation in video production and sharing. Twelve videos from the 2016 and 2017 projects were uploaded to the online knowledge platform.

Lastly, Our Cultural Expressions: Indigenous Sounds of Fiji and Yapese Intangible Cultural Heritage: History, Legends, Myths, and Performing Arts of the Federated States of Micronesia are the results of ICHCAP’s 2018 project for restoring and digitizing ICH resources. ICHCAP digitized five hundred hours of analogue materials as the outcome of the restoration project conducted from 2017 with the Fiji Museum. ICHCAP selected digitized materials that well represent Fiji’s traditions and produced the collection. And, together with the Yap State Historic Preservation Office of Micronesia, ICHCAP produced the Yapese collection, which  contains twenty ICH-related stories, legends, and myths recorded in everyday life of the Yapese. All the contents are available on e-Knowledge Center.