ICHCAP Singed MOU with Korea Foundation (KF) and Gugak Broadcasting Station

ICHCAP Singed MOU with Korea Foundation ⓒ Korea Foundation

ICHCAP singed an MOU with two organizations—the Korea Foundation (KF) and Gugak Broadcasting Station (GBS)—on 9 April 2019.

The purpose of this MOU is to broaden the use of ICH contents that ICHCAP has been collecting since 2011. While the contents are open to the public through ICHCAP’s website, especially through its e-Knowledge Center, the need for sharing the contents with a larger audience has always been an issue. Starting with this MOU, ICHCAP is going to cooperate with more institutes to broaden its channels for promoting ICH contents.

ICHCAP and KF will develop and implement joint cultural projects, such as exhibitions, performances, festivals; share cultural contents and outcomes of related projects; and cooperate to hold international conferences, workshops, and seminars to promote cultural diversity.

ICHCAP singed an MOU with the Gugak Broadcasting Station ⓒ Gugak Broadcasting Station
The two organizations have already shared ICH Southeast Asia contents through two exhibitions of the ASEAN Culture House, which is run by KF, during 2017 and 2018. Separately, the two organizations will also collaborate to promote the culture of Central Asia to the Korean public through providing Central Asian ICH contents for KF’s exhibitions, movie screenings, and street festivals to celebrate the Central Asian spring festival Nowruz in Seoul event held by KF from March to April.

Meanwhile, GBS, a Korean radio station established in 2000 to contribute to promoting and popularizing traditional Korean music, is going to be launching the Gugak television station this coming November. ICHCAP and GBS have agreed to share their cultural contents through this MOU. Accordingly, ICHCAP will provide GBS with the outcomes of digitalizing projects, such as collections of traditional epics, legends, myths, folktales, and folk songs of the Asia-Pacific region along with fifty Central Asian documentaries containing traditional music, dances, ceremonies, festivals, and traditional crafts.

ICHCAP will continue to cooperate with both organizations by sharing and providing contents to better promote and raise awareness about ICH in the Asia-Pacific region and to strengthen cultural dialogue and communication in the region.