ICHCAP Signed a Multi-Party MOU on Eurasia Cooperation Network

Workshop and MOU signing ceremony for Eurasia Cooperation Network © BFIC

On 13 December 2022, ICHCAP signed an MOU on Eurasia Cooperation Network that was established by the Busan Foundation for International Cooperation (BFIC).

MOU was signed by 14 parties, the representatives of institutions, organisations, and companies that are involved in different activities along the Eurasian region. The Eurasia Cooperation Network establishes an organic collaboration system based on mutual trust between institutions and seeks to activate international exchanges in the region through the discovery, development, and practice of Eurasia exchange and cooperation projects in various fields. Furthermore, it is aimed to contribute to common prosperity and peace in Eurasia by promoting mutual understanding and friendship between countries and regions.

MOU signing ceremony for Eurasia Cooperation Network © BFIC
Along with the MOU signing ceremony, ICHCAP participated in a workshop designed to bring all participants together to exchange words on their ongoing projects, discover the potential cooperation areas and joint projects, as well as exchange opinions on the operation of the Eurasia Cooperation Network.

To note, BFIC has recently become an official partner of the Silk Roads Living Heritage Network, a project carried out by the ICHCAP. As a centre with the main functions of information sharing and networking, ICHCAP is committed to enhancing communication with domestic institutions to increase cooperation opportunities.