ICHCAP and KF ASEAN Culture House Signed MOU to Jointly Host the “Korea-ASEAN Mask Exhibition”

ICHCAP-KF ASEAN Cultural Center MOU Signing Ceremony © ICHCAP

ICHCAP signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the KF ASEAN Culture on 2 February to co-host the Other Faces—Korea-ASEAN Mask Exhibition.

The two organizations have already promoted cooperation by co-hosting the Hwahonjijeong-Celebrating the Beauty of Marriage exhibition in 2017 and the Playing ASEAN exhibition in 2018, which both played a major role in helping the public to better understand the ASEAN culture.

Ji-sung Kim, Director-General of ICHCAP; In Hyuck Lee, Director-General of the ASEAN Culture House; Gyuri Bak, Director of the Information and Research Office at ICHCAP; and other staff members of both organizations attended the MoU ceremony in Jeonju.

ICHCAP, along with the forty-eight UNESCO Member States in the Asia-Pacific region, has been conducting information and networking programs such as documenting, preserving, and using the information, and establishing and promoting networks to safeguard ICH. The Korea Foundation under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been conducting public diplomacy to promote the charms of Korea to the world and to establish friendly international networks in the private sector.

Through this MoU, the two organizations promised to create joint results based on their respective expertise by closely cooperating in researching exhibition content and data, creating and operating the exhibition hall, and planning and operating exhibition-related programs.

Ji-Sung Kim said, “As talchum, Mask Dance Drama was listed on the UNESCO ICH list in 2022, the mask culture is drawing more attention than ever in Korea. We will try to take a step closer to the public by holding an exhibition based on the expertise of both organizations.”

The exhibition introducing the mask culture of six ASEAN countries and related events such as mask dance performances will be held from 20 April to 23 July at the ASEAN Culture House in Busan.