ICHCAP Advised TV Documentary Series ‘Handmade in Asia’ to Air

A 36-episode documentary series 'Handmade in Asia' co-produced by nine private broadcasting companies nationwide © KNN

The TV documentary series ‘Handmade in Asia’ will be aired every weekend for nine weeks starting from October 14. It is a collaborative production by nine private broadcasting companies nationwide, showcasing 36 unique crafts born from the hands of artisans, each embodying a singular beauty in the world. Viewers will have the opportunity to encounter intricately crafted items, steeped in the history of Asia spanning thousands of years.

Craftsmanship falls within one of the five domains of intangible cultural heritage outlined by UNESCO, encompassing a wide range of craft expressions from ornate garments and jewelry to various tools used in festivals and rituals, as well as practical household items. Even in today’s era of industrialization and globalization, the artisan spirit of handcrafting and its communal values continue to hold significant recognition.

The episode featuring Maldives’ lacquerware craft, ‘Liyelaa Jehun,’ advised by ICHCAP, will be produced by TJB (Daejeon Broadcasting) and is scheduled to air in early December. Liyelaa Jehun is a traditional craft in the Maldives where wooden vessels are carved and then adorned with lacquer, serving not only for aesthetic embellishment but also providing functional protection against moisture and heat. It offers a glimpse into the wisdom of the Maldivians, who harmonize with the hot and humid tropical climate throughout the year.

The series will be broadcasted on Saturday and Sunday mornings, with specific times varying by region. In Jeollabuk-do, where the ICHCAP is located, it can be viewed on JTV Jeonju Broadcasting channel at 9 AM.