ICH Information Sharing Platform ichLinks Recruiting Second Group of Partners

ICHCAP is recruiting the second group of partners for the Asia-Pacific ICH Information Sharing Platform ‘ichLinks.’

IchLinks is a digital sharing platform that cooperates with UNESCO member states in the Asia-Pacific region to collect and service ICH related data and contents. IchLinks’ partner organizations are the core operating entities of this platform that shares, accumulates and utilizes ICH related data and contents with ICHCAP. Organizations interested in participating in ichLinks can contact ichlinks.secretariat@gmail.com. More information on this project is available here (https://www.unesco-ichcap.org/ichlinks/.)

Last year, ICHCAP selected the first group of cooperative institutions, centering on institutions that possess a significant number of ICH information in the Asia-Pacific region. The partners are Malaysia Arts & Cultural Practitioners Association (MACPA), Mongolian National Center for Cultural Heritage (NCCH), Vietnam Institute of Culture and Arts Studies (VICAS), Uzbekistan Republican Scientific-Methodical Center for Organization of Culture Institutions Activity under the Ministry of Culture, and Kazakhstan National Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.

After selecting the first cooperative organizations, ICHCAP received sample data from them, uploaded it on ichLinks, and used it for archive service and planning future projects. In addition, ICHCAP provides financial and technical support to promote participation of partner organizations. An official from the Vietnam Institute of Culture and Arts Studies said, “There were restrictions related to information and communication technology and equipment in the safeguarding and use of cultural heritage resources. Through participation and support in the ichLinks project, while widely promoting Vietnamese ICH, it is expected that the profit will be able to be diverted and more cooperation and partnerships will be established in the cultural creation industry.”

The ichLinks digital platform will begin its service on March 15, after completion of building the prototype. The website will contain specialized search archives and map-based services related to international ICH, and thematic contents such as travel, exhibitions, stories, and events. ICHCAP plans to hold an online event in May to commemorate the launch of the ichLinks service, to promote domestic and international public relations and to expand partner organizations.