Folk Music of Bengal

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Music for Peace, Music for All

Selection of Traditional Music from Bengal, India, by 집

Banglanatakdotcom, a UNESCO-accredited NGO in India, works under the slogan ‘Art for Life.’ The organization conducts many projects to build the capacities of traditional arts communities. Banglanatakdotcom kindly provided ICHCAP with this selection of traditional Bengali music. ICHCAP is sharing these materials on the e-Knowledge Center to further disseminate valuable ICH information.

방글라나탁닷컴의 인도 벵골 전통음악 선집

The two hundred tracks in the selection include wide range of genres in traditional Bengali music, performed by traditional musicians in the region. This selection of music represents a comprehensive overview of traditional music from the Bengal region of India for both experts and the general public. It is a meaningful documentation project that raises the visibility of rare audio resources while safeguarding and promoting the value of ICH.

방글라나탁닷컴의 인도 벵골 전통음악 선집 cd