The Spirit of Vietnam in Song

2013-2014 VIM-ICHCAP Restoration and Digitization Project

In 2015, ICHCAP and the Vietnam Institute of Musicology (VIM) jointly produced Cultural Sounds: The Spirit of Vietnam , a nine-CD set to promote public awareness about the Vietnamese ICH.

베트남-센터 무형유산 자료 복원 및 디지털화 사업 음원 자료

In 2013, the VIM had conducted a year-long joint project with ICHCAP to restore and digitize its analogue audio documentation of ICH. The project resulted in the successful digitization of some three hundred magnetic tapes in the VIM’s collection. This CD collection was produced to distribute the outcomes of the project while raising the visibility of the audio resources. Local researchers thematically selected the eighty-seven tracks in the collection. Information on each track is presented in Vietnamese, English and Korean.

This project is significant as it resulted in restoring analogue recordings at risk of permanent damage and digitizing them to enhance their academic value and public visibility.